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Authoritative Global-Warming Conclusions: Wake up EPA !

It appears that scientists are continuing to learn a lot more about what actually causes climactic variations. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where perhaps a majority of scientists are outright calling Global Warming and Greenhouse gases a “scam”. Why are these types of positions being taken, even while others are still calling global warming “unequivocal” and treating it as a sky-is-falling fact of tragic proportion?

It appears that those still promoting global warming aren’t keeping up with the data. Two of the best recent examples cover the logic, the issues, and the scientific mechanisms that are driving the most up-to-date scientific opinions:

A recent article in the International Journal of Climatology of the Royal Meteorological Society is detailed here:

This one – “Global Warming not Affected by Man” covers more detail:

“The late New Zealand professor Augie Auer explained that three-quarters of the planet is ocean, and 95 percent of the greenhouse effect is governed by water vapour.

“Of that remaining 5 percent, only about 3.6 percent is governed by CO2 and when you break it down even further, studies have shown that the anthropogenic (man-made) contribution to CO2 versus the natural is about 3.2 percent.”

“So if you multiply the total contribution 3.6 by the man-made portion of it, 3.2, you find out that the anthropogenic contribution of CO2 to the the global greenhouse effect is 0.115 percent … that’s like .12 cents in $100. It’s minuscule … it’s nothing. “”

I like to point out a couple of common sense things that seem to escape many people. First, that naturally-caused forest fires generate huge amounts of oxide emissions, and mankind already does a great deal to prevent and extinquish such fires – that alone does a lot to reduce our “carbon footprint”. And second, mankind’s worldwide activities can’t hold a candle to the output from a volcanic eruption.

Finally, the scientific research is getting to the point where it can effectively explain common sense. So back to diesels: Mr. EPA, how about rolling back the greenhouse gas emissions requirements set in place for 2007 vehicles, and unleashing modern diesels to get a 10% fuel economy improvement? Isn’t saving 10% in fuel economy more environmentally responsible than reducing gas emissions that have no measurable environmental impact?


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  1. Global Warming Politics, true or not . . . .

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    Comment by adbirds | February 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. Don’t look now, but the GW global warming “concensus” is melting.
    Not only do most qualified professionals disagree with man having an influence on global temperatures, but public concensus is dramatically shifting too, as people realize they’re being scammed.

    Comment by autoengineer | June 13, 2009 | Reply

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