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Global Warming is Officially Over

It’s been a long time coming. First there was Climategate, where e-mails revealed European authorities disinformation strategies which included a systematic takeover of the climate content on Wikipedia, to erase inconvenient scientific information and silence the dissenting opinions of hundreds of leading scientists. Then there was the NOAA whistleblower who revealed the systematic fraud strategies that were creating a fake data appearance of global warming. For those who forget, this included replacement of many high-altitude weather stations with low altitude weather stations that were inherently warmer, and even some new temperature stations on blacktop roofs and behind airport jet-engine exhaust zones. Of course that wasn’t enough by itself because you have to deal with the ocean temperatures… so they were just changing the data in the reporting.

Now, with an official 18 years of global cooling under our belts (using real temperature data), we have a long string of remarkable proofs that everything is getting cooler – just like the solar energy cycle predicted. Along with tens of thousands of other engineers, scientists and educators, I’ve been on the intelligent and correct side of this Global-Warming fraud: publicly since 2007.

Here are more complete details on the end of the climate scare fraud.  Please share links to the article, because many people need to learn the facts and unlearn the deceptions.  The ignorant and the hidden-agenda liars will still disagree with the facts, but their credibility is zero.

Meanwhile, however, we have to contend with the continued agendas that drove the Obummer EPA to declare that Carbon Dioxide was a pollutant. That was the key driver to force higher electrical costs, higher new vehicle costs with unrealistic and illegally forced MPG targets, “green business” scams, and wider use of the carbon-credits theft and money-transfer scheme – not to mention setting up the CARB shysters to dictate their fraud nationwide.  As energy costs “necessarily skyrocket” per emperor O’s stated plan, and new vehicle designs move toward tiny aerogel capsules with unobtanium components and an average $60k USD pricetag, and the plan unfolds to allow ebola to decimate the nation and military so the emperor’s minions can seize more power, it becomes ever more clear that we must regain control of our corrupt government wannabe-marxist-masters.  Remember to vote with intelligence: real environmental responsibility is great, but anyone who publicly supports GW-fraud-based agendas like those isn’t fit for any responsibility in any office in the free world.


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  1. The landscape began shifting in automotive engines long before 2007, but shifted into 3rd-gear acceleration for a number of reasons. The biggest factor is probably the fraud-science emissions changes from the takeover of the EPA that turned it from a science and technology base to a global political agenda weapon: look at Volkswagen having to deal with what is probably the fallout from their miscalculation that the EPA fraud would eventually see the light of day and regulations would return to a factual-science basis.

    To sidetrack into “global warming science” or “climate change” fraud may seem like a distraction into politics, but it’s not. This is a valuable real-life lesson on how severely that fraud and criminal agendas on a large scale can impact not only us everyday Americans maintaining our vehicles, and not only a whole nation, but the entire world.

    It started back in the ’80’s and ’90’s with the push for reformulating refrigerants and spray can propellants to eliminate “fluorocarbons” and “hydrocarbons” on the basis of a fraudulent “hole in the ozone layer”. Remember that? The entire claim hinged on sensors used on a few plane flights, where the variation in measured gases was so tiny that it was beyond the resolution accuracy of the equipment to even measure. But based on this tiny piece of fraud, Freon became “bad” because it was an agenda tool. Entire industries put useful advances on hold and re-aligned engineering resources to redesign refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioning systems in homes, businesses and cars so that after expensive conversions they would run less efficiently with higher equipment costs. And more engineering was invested to capture the refrigerant out of old systems so that it could not escape into the atmosphere. Engineers thought it was all stupidly, blindly irresponsible, but executives saw the increased sales that would result from going along with the foolishness. Few recognized that the environmental science arena was being captured and turned into an economic weapon against the United States and the other free nations, as part of the longterm plan to bring Europe and North America under the reign of Socialists/Marxists.

    “Climate gate” proved that the global-warming “consensus” was as fake as the data, an appearance gained by media takeovers (such as Wikipedia scrubbing and rewriting) and coordinated smearing and expulsion of respected objecting scientists by a small group of (political) science activists in key positions. And they’ve admitted that it’s not really about science, but about controlling the population to direct us in a desired direction for global governance.

    (Eventually, of course, submission to that governance will always be forced, because no citizen wants to willingly continue deeper into the failing miseries behind the fake storefront illusions of socialism/marxism. Socialism nearly wiped out one of the early American colonies, and it’s never succeeded in a single country. Venezuela is one of the latest utopias that has proven a horrific failure: though it previously had potential to be the United States parallel in South America, freedom slid into the fraud of socialism. Just like Obamacare, Socialist/Marxist leaders like Hillary and Bernie have always promised a better vision, a better way, and that people can keep the parts of their old nation that they like. But like keeping your insurance plan and your doctor, and paying less for insurance, it’s all a lie – with the singular purpose of gaining control.

    Control of education. Control of media. Control of free speech. Control of religion. Control of health care. Control of arms (only criminals are allowed to have guns, and some have badges).

    As Horowitz said, “inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out”. They force the system on a nation in gradual steps by empowering and aligning with criminals, and building population control mechanisms based on turning government entities into organized crime systems and enforcers. They are adept in their studies at how to secretly ruin a country in order to get citizens to turn it over to them in desperation. And they are fanatical in their plans because the end always justifies the brutal means. But once they get complete control, the impossibilities of socialism spiral into a hell-hole at various rates of speed while the all-knowing leaders conduct severely painful and fatal experiments on the public and all social institutions. Citizens are mass programmed with controlling propaganda as if they are a blank slate to create on, while logical and creative thinkers are punished as defective or dangerous.)

    Slowly capturing control of the EPA, they began to tighten the screws on the entire automotive industrial complex, forcing automobiles to become more difficult to design, more expensive to produce, and more costly to buy and maintain. Few suspected that these were not unintended side-effects, but were in fact the end-goal objective. Those who recognized it were not taken seriously, because for the most part people had never been educated on the increasingly refined tactics of how Marxists take over a free nation and subject it to dictatorial control. They certainly were unaware that a broadly-comprehensive longterm plan had been put into motion to turn America into a Marxist nation from the inside, through deceit, espionage, treason and “boring” into the core to put selected leadership in control of all of the nation’s social institutions, government structures, and communications media.

    It used to be understood that actual air pollutants were from solid elements, such as Sulfur, combining with an atmospheric gas to create a compound which could be damaging given enough quantity over time. This was based on real science, and actual observed results.

    Then in 2007 the new diesel emissions regulations hit, and I lost all respect for the EPA. Diesels had already become, with the advent of turbochargers and distributed multiple fuel injections, lower in real pollutant emissions than cars. The inexcusable regulations forced an average 10% extra unburned fuel usage in order to manage NOx output, then required Diesel Particulate Filters in order to collect and burn off unburned fuel in a catalyst… which when performed in “active regeneration” uses MORE fuel in order to burn off the unburned fuel in the DPF. (Observers of the truck market who did not understand the dynamics missed these realities, not understanding that fuel economy remained identical or increased due to OEM’s making substantial increases in design engineering and engine systems hardware such as Variable Vane Turbochargers. But the diesel engine option price jumped hugely. Surprise!)

    Today’s climate science throws both the science and the observed data out the window, makes up it’s own fantasy to support a population-control/central-planning agenda, publishes it through the IPCC which excludes disagreeing scientists, then pretends the opinions are nearly unanimous and makes the absurd claim that it’s “settled science”. The assertion that combinations of Nitrogen-Oxygen molecules (grouped as “NOx”) that we breathe every day, which are present in temporary forms in automotive exhaust are pollutants (via the silent assumption that they will not become altered and normalized into the atmosphere) is alleged as fact, without real data, despite the suspiciously doubtful validity of the assumption. Further, it is alleged that these emissions from mankind are a significant contributor to the condition of the atmosphere, and paraded as public fact, despite the admitted absurdity of their claim from every legitimate attempt at calculations. Such fraud could only be plausible to the public through the long-targeted dumbing down of science in American education. But the far bigger shocker is to actually allege that the CO2 exhale of humans and animals is… air pollution!! What?!

    My grandfather told me when I was little that if the Democrats could figure out a way to tax the air we breath, they would do it. He never suspected that they would pull it off by taxing our exhale! [The back-door is a favorite criminal tactic. They couldn’t tax ammunition directly, but they used the EPA to shut down the last lead plant in the US, and subject lead imports to as strict controls and high tax rates as they want. Ammunition will skyrocket in cost… in a timeframe they select. (Another reason for pre-buying billions of rounds of ammo, while domestic lead stock remained.]

    It was known for more than a half-century in basic elementary and high-school science as part of the biological cycle of the earth, that plants absorb and use CO2 to grow while giving off Oxygen. In turn, humans and animals absorb Oxygen and give off Carbon Dioxide. And don’t forget that greenhouses add CO2 and keep it hot in order to get rapid growth and healthy plants. Get it? We’re so brilliant that no-one notices that plant growth hasn’t accelerated. And we’re so scientifically “advanced” that we think air itself… is air pollution! That’s such an absurd level of deliberate political-agenda propaganda, that it’s stunning. It’s not science, but corruption. It’s fraud. Its a moral embarrassment to all of Western Civilization that so many leading scientists would unethically support it for personal gain, and an education-system embarrassment that a significant number of “educated” citizens actually believe it.

    Keep in mind that the EPA had previously shunned requests to classify CO2 as a pollutant, simply because it isn’t. Additionally, the idea was so outrageously fraudulent that going along with it might erase any remaining credibility of the EPA. And so it should have. But under the “Progressive” Democrat’s national marxist public re-education program, no lie is too big, too stupid, too destructive or too treasonous for their media propaganda machine. No principled public servant is so secure that they cannot be smeared out of office by the machine, and no criminal treason artist is so outrageously obvious that they cannot be elected.

    Most people who are aware of all this think it’s the end. No, no. They targeted the coal industry, to destroy America’s ability to produce cheap energy. They stopped all new drilling, have locked out the Keystone Pipeline project, and are working on a number of different strategies to end fracking. They also targeted the automotive industry in two other key ways.

    First, they squelched and locked away awareness of the fact that two different global companies verified their technology could use standard American coal and produce high-quality 100% sulfur-free diesel fuel for $1.25 – 1.50 per gallon, at a profit. This was strategically important for several reasons, including preventing an influx of the efficient high-performance diesel car engines into the North American market.

    But additionally, Obama’s automotive czar led an end-run around the laws and mandated-role entities such as the NTSB, and used corrupt Chicago-politics marxist tactics to coerce, pressure, threaten, deceive and bribe the automotive companies into signing up for their own slow-motion suicide: they would now have to produce ridiculous annual fuel-economy improvements with an impossibly high average mpg ending figure. There was a congressional investigation and report, which noted that all of this was accomplished with secret undocumented meetings.

    The plan is certain to accomplish several key targets: cars and trucks will get more and more expensive to buy and maintain, while having a shorter and shorter lifespan. Higher and higher numbers of engineering man-hours will be required for complex design changes, in order to avoid massive, crippling fuel-economy fines that would push vehicle prices sky-high. Fewer and fewer people will be able to afford new vehicles, meaning that government transportation solutions will be increasingly viewed as “the solution in our changing global economy”. Businesses which must still have vehicles will have to charge more and more money for their services, and pay less and less to their workers. The steadily dropping new-car sales, combined with the massive cost of new vehicle development, will push automotive companies into bankruptcy so that the government which forced their failure will now “have to take control” to save the automotive industry, “proving that capitalism doesn’t work”. In the end, automotive will primarily be producing what people don’t want, can’t afford, and does not efficiently accomplish the needed tasks.

    Meanwhile, the other end of the spectrum is also very predictable from marxist economies around the world: keeping old cars running will become essential, car junkyards will become goldmines… how far we go in this direction depends on America’s backbone in dealing with criminal marxist liars with the severity of sentencing that they deserve.

    [NOTE: is the largest and last independent internet news agency that is actually practicing journalism, informing the public of the facts rather than manipulating them according to the paid politically-corrupt agenda. It’s free access, and the Progressives, liberals, and fake Republicans hate it like they hate Trump. Read it while you can, before the truth is turned off. And go vote against every Democrat – no matter what party they are running under. Because if real informed citizens don’t vote with a vengeance in November and realign both Congress and the Presidency, America will probably be lost forever.]

    Comment by usobrian | August 17, 2016 | Reply

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